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Website Terms of Use

This website, www.omiros-sa.com(hereinafter referred to as “the Website”), has been created and owned by “Omiros SA”, based in Katerini, 4th km PEO Katerini – Thessaloniki. Before you start browsing the site, make sure you consult and accept the following terms and conditions that are valid and apply in particular for using the website. Accessing, using and browsing the website implies your explicit and unconditional acceptance of these terms and your consent to them.


“OMIROS S.A.” reserves the right to amend these terms without prior notice to users. Any modified version of these terms is posted on the web site replacing the previous one. Please check the site regularly for any changes or amendments.

1.1. If for any reason a user does not accept one or more of these terms of use, he or she must refrain from using the site and services, otherwise it is presumed that the terms continue to be unconditionally acceptable by that user.

2. “OMIROS S.A.” guarantees for the completeness, validity and accuracy of the information provided on the Website, without prejudice to any technical or typographical errors that have occurred without its will.

3. LIABILITY DISCLAIMER. The use of the Website is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the User, as it is provided “as is”. “OMIROS SA” bears no responsibility for any technical problems that may occur to the user during access to or during the visit to the website which are related to the operation or compatibility of the user’s own infrastructure with the use of websites. Also, “OMIROS SA” bears no responsibility for the acts or omissions of third parties, and in particular for unauthorized third parties’ interference to services and information available through the Website.

4. LINK TO THIS WEBSITE. A prerequisite for logging into our site is to act in a right and lawful manner. In addition, you are not allowed to create a link that implies any kind of relationship with “Omiros SA” or the Website, or acceptance or support by us, if there isn’t one. The website may not be framed on any other website and you are not allowed to create a link to any part of this website except to the homepage. “OMIROS SA” reserves the right to revoke the login permission without prior notice.

5. COPYRIGHT. All information, including, inter alia, the elements, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, services provided and generally the content posted on the Website, as well as the software and applications, including the artistic part, used for the operation and management of the Website, are the intellectual property of “OMIROS SA” and owned by it.

6. PRIVACY POLICY. “OMIROS S.A.” strictly adheres to the principles governing the protection of personal data provided by the relevant laws and international contracts, undertaking that it will not make any unauthorized use of your personal data without your prior approval (name and e-mail). The collection, storage, processing and transmission of personal data that users disclose to “OMIROS SA” through the Website are collected, used and processed in accordance with applicable personal data protection provisions and, in particular, in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, as in force and supplemented by the national legal framework. At any time users have the right to access their personal data, as well as to update and object to further processing of their data in accordance with article 15 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 for the protection of their personal data. In detail, Privacy Policy here.

7. USE OF COOKIES. The so called cookies are used in our website. Cookies are text files that allow us to make your visit to our website as comfortable as possible. This includes, for example, the default settings for presenting our website. Cookies contain a clear combination of letters and digits that identifies the browser you use. These cookies are temporarily stored on your computer and are only transmitted to our server when you visit our website. You can view and delete cookies stored on your computer and control how cookies are generally used through your web browser settings. In detail, the COOKIE policy here.

8. GENERAL TERMS. Should any of the terms of the contract be found to be abusive or void, this does not interfere with the other terms of the contract that are still in force and binding on the parties.

8.1. In case a party delays in the exercise of any part or of all the rights arising out of these terms, this shall not impair or waive such right, which may be exercised at any later time and at the discretion of the right holder.

8.2. Relations between users and “Omiros SA” are governed by and construed in accordance with Greek law. The courts of Katerini, under whose exclusive jurisdiction you expressly agree to be, are exclusively responsible for resolving any such dispute.