Our company


The company “OMIROS SA” was founded in 1998, in a land of total area 14,000 m2 (covered area 4.500 m2), with the view to be activated in processing, production and distribution of frozen fish.

By meeting the requirements and expectations of consumers, the Company engages to provide products of high quality and nutritional value as it is subject to the rules of the ISO 22000:2005 system, uses modern equipment and employs a well-trained personnel. The compliance with this commitment, in combination with the early integration of the international market trends into new products, processes, quality and prices, has led to the Company’s fast development.

Thanks to its storage spaces – freezers in Athens and Katerini, as well as its organized distribution network, the Company achieves faster distribution of products and, therefore, meets immediately the needs of the consuming public.

By fulfilling its targets entirely, the company “OMIROS SA” never stops setting new, higher and more demanding goals with the view to achieve its highest purpose of all: the continuing consumer confidence.


The company “OMIROS SA” has managed to import products from all over the world, in order to cover the existing and new savoury pursuits as well.

The list of products includes all kinds of fish such as squid, octopus, shrimp, testaceous and various fish species.

The processing of these fish is specified as far as differentiation in the form and packaging is concerned. To be more specific, the items are offered packaged, cleaned, semi-cleaned, cut into fillets or slices, according to the needs of the commercial establishments or companies of the foreign and domestic market.